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is a brand that is part of Savelo’s group. Since 1993, this company has developed its activity not only as manufacturers of the HORECA channel, but it is also oriented towards the manufacturing of products for hygiene and home care. In 2018 the brand  was lauched, after more than two years trying to formulate “the perfect air freshener”. In the range of products it can be found air fresheners with different scents, designed to enjoy a pleasant and lasting fragrance.

Our values

Dulcehogar values are the fundamental pillars of all the members of this project, and they are consistent with those companies that are part of it.

Environment medio ambiente

Environmental respect

Environment respect is one of the fundamental pillars of this organization. The creation of sustainable products is a necessary fact for our planet.

quality control calidad


In order to offer our customers products in optimal conditions, a series of controls are carried out in our laboratory. The objective of this, is to guarantee the highest quality standards.

team work trabajo en equipo


The integration of knowledge from different companies is the most important issue for the development of our work, in order to reach optimal final results.

Quality control

In order to offer our consumers the highest quality level, we have two chemists in our laboratories and a perfumer with a high degree of experience in the development and quality control of the finished product. Analysis of fundamental parameters are carried out, both chemical and aromatic (duration, top, middle and bottom note).

The productive process

The manufacturing process of Dulcehogar air fresheners has a series of steps, which include high perfuming techniques, necessary to guarantee the maximum quality.

About us

Dulcehogar is a brand of Savelo S.L. Savelo is a company dedicated to the manufacture of products for hygiene and home care since 1993.

Legal notice

How can you contact us?

Rúa Granito,  Parc D4-D8, Pol. Ind. Bértoa, 15105 Carballo- A Coruña (Spain)


     Tel: +34 981 733 537

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